Time Travel Tuesdays: Kip Finds the Future Portal

Sometime last year, I started posting a series of stories on my Tumblr that detailed Kip’s adventures in Sims 3: Into The Future. I’m calling this the Time Travel Tuesdays. Hope you enjoy!

Note: Kip and family all belong to my fantasy webcomic, Wayrift.


So, it’s a normal day in the Tu household… or whatever passes for normal around there… when this weird thing appears on the front lawn.


Naturally, Kip has to go and explore it.


And out of the portal comes a strange guy who introduces himself as Emit Relevart, a time traveler. Nice Tron threads there, Emit.


So after introducing himself, saying that he’s from a future time, he hands Kip a time almanac and tells him about the glories of time travel. Really not the sort of thing you should tempt Kip with.


But in order to power the portal that will take them forward in time, Emit needs Kip’s help finding the power generator thingies. Kip’s not super pleased about doing Emit’s dirty work, but the promise of time travel is too much.

“Fine, I’ll find them!”


(Actually, Kip has the Insane trait which causes him to react strangely like this sometimes…)

Anyhow, Kip finds the power generator thingies…


And he brings them back to Emit who powers up the portal again and invites Kip to come with him.


Kip steps through the portal to a future version of the city.


Though Emit failed to warn him he’d appear in his nightclothes…


“What are you laughing at?”

Next Episode: Kip gets a jetpack!