Time Travel Tuesdays: And They Gave Him a Jetpack…

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


So the very first thing Emit does is give Kip a jetpack. Kip puts this on instantly…


…then decides it’s probably not a good idea to take his first flight in his nightclothes.

Meanwhile, Emit pulls out some little virtual pet thing. He doesn’t bother to instruct Kip on how to use the jetpack. It didn’t even come with a manual.


Ah, well. Kip is tech savvy and no stranger to flying. So he decides to leave Emit to his virtual beasty and do this on his own.


And the liftoff actually goes well…


Time to take it a little higher…


Whoa, wait! Is it supposed to do this?


Not… quite… balanced here…


Kip decides that maybe it’s a good idea to come in for a landing.


Landings are always rough the first time.


Emit now suggests that Kip brush himself off, make himself presentable and learn how to socialize with the plumbots of the future. Now Kip loves socializing with robots…. but after that first flight, he has a tiny little situation to deal with… next to the toilet.


Good thing the toilets of the future still work the same.

Next Episode: Kip Gets Distracted and Commits Petty Theft 


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