Time Travel Tuesdays: To Play Music and Socialize with Simbots

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


Emit suggested that Kip meet with the Plumbots, which are robots who have trait chips that allow them to act much like Sims. In order to do that, he needed to head downstairs. That meant taking the elevator, which appeared to be a tube-like structure.

A simple task right?


Right? Uh… right?


Even the jetpack didn’t save him from that one.

So, Kip approaches the Plumbot with his most charming and hopeful smile.


She must have had other things on her mind because she completely ignored him.

Eventually, Kip got bored and noticed these strange musical instruments in the corner. The first one looked like a futuristic guitar…


Then Kip saw this contraption that looked like a set of laser lights.

Curious, he promptly stuck the guitar into his inventory when no one was looking (bad Kip!), and started to try and figure out how this new instrument worked.


Kip was never much of a musician. I think he realized that quickly.


Leaving well enough alone, Kip decided it was time to try and approach the Plumbot again. This time, she accepted his greeting.


Emit then instructed Kip to learn about the Plumbot by changing her trait chips around. Always interested in new technology, Kip got to work, but not before attempting to show the Plumbot that he meant her no harm.


Yeah. Really. I’d trust that face 100%. Wouldn’t you?

Once the tinkering was done, Emit suggested it was time for Kip to go out to town and get himself a synthesized drink… Like Kip needs a drink to be wonky.

Next Episode: Kip Journeys Out on the Town and Meets Descendants