Time Travel Tuesdays: Drinks and Descendants

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


In order to go to the bar, where Kip is supposed to get a drink, Emit gave him a new toy: the hoverboard.


No walking for people in the future! They ride in style!

It takes a bit of time for Kip to learn to keep his balance well. But he had quite a ways to go across town, so it was good practice.


Once he arrives, however, getting off the board isn’t quite as easy.





Pretending that didn’t happen, Kip flipped into his formal wear (for whatever reason) and headed into the club.

Seems like a happening place. And Kip spied a few of his descendants to meet later. First thing’s first. Emit suggested he try a synthesized drink.

Kip finds what appears to be bar technology.


He vocalizes his order…


And it appears, just like that!


Apparently synthesized drinks are just as good as the drinks of old.


With a little glowing purple in his system, Kip goes to meet his descendants, who are strangely different as can be.

There’s this one fellow in his swimming trunks… can see the resemblance…


And this guy, who doesn’t share the same last name. Must be distantly related.


After spending some time socializing with the Tus of the future, Emit suggests that Kip check out the legacy statues in the center of town.

Whelp. It’s back to the hoverboard.

Next Episode: Kip Observes the Legacy and the Sleeping Arrangements of the Future


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