Time Travel Tuesdays: Legacies and Lunarbeds

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


Emit asked Kip to visit the town square where he can view the legacy statues of Sims of the past who have accomplished important things for the future. Riding the hoverboard there results in the norm…


Kip, of course, visits the statue of the Pioneer of Plumbotics, the one who established the robots of the future. Naturally, he suddenly decided it was his new ambition to become that person.

He was long-since tinkering as a self-employed Inventor in the past, but this… this was his chance to make his mark in the future! Now… to learn the technology behind plumbot making…

But that will have to wait until tomorrow…


Sims still get sleepy in the future. Luckily, the center where Kip first appeared was a social housing area, which provides everything a time-exploring Sim needs.

Returning home, Kip decided to grab a bite to eat first. Speaking a few words to the cooking machine created a plate of stir fry on the spot.


It must have tasted pretty good, because Kip had no complaints.


Now to get to bed… having to brave that dratted elevator again!


At least the bed itself looks pretty comfy — almost like a Lunar sleep pod.


Though Kip noticed all kinds of settings and technology surrounding the bed, he was too tired to learn about it at the moment. Time for a good sleep…


But, when morning comes, then it’s time to play with the new dream technology… at least until breakfast time.


Next Episode: Kip Meets a New Beasty Friend


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