Time Travel Tuesdays: Digital Beasties

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


So Kip was making his way down to breakfast…


When he hears this strange sound coming from a nearby coffee table. Stopping to check it out, he found this blue, holographic beastie — something the people of the future use as a pet.


Kip usually doesn’t like little beasties, but this one introduced herself as “Kimberly.” When he put the hologram device in his pocket, Kimberly affixed to his shoulder and followed him!


Kip decided to see what she wanted, so he spent some time talking to her.


It was hard not to warm up to the little beastie. I mean, she is cute. Kip spent some time exploring the technology behind the creature and discovered he could not only talk to it, but feed it, clean it, check on its mood and even change what it looks like.


In fact, Kip spent so much time interacting with the beastie Kimberly that he gained his first level in the advanced technology skill!

That didn’t seem to help him much with those elevators, though.


Next Episode: Kip Discovers the Alien Crash Site 


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