Time Travel Tuesdays: The Crashed Alien Ship

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


After breakfast, Emit detailed the story of a crashed alien spaceship that appeared sometime between Kip’s time and the future. He said it remained a mystery, and suggested Kip travel to the Wasteland to check it out.

To get there, Kip had to take this really neat skyrail system. Kip really wants to blueprints to take home for this thing.


Hopping on his hoverboard, he then traveled to the depths of the Wasteland.


There he found the crashed space ship. The door was firmly shut, and he couldn’t find a way inside.


Emit suggested excavating some of the surrounding piles of debris in the Wasteland. However, Kip was instantly distracted by the nearby growing crystal flower…


Which was apparently so beautiful that it brought him to tears…




Kip… it’s okay…


It’s just a flower, Kip. Get a hold of yourself.


That’s better. Why not harvest it if you like it so much? Take some back with you.


So after Kip harvested the crystal flower, he then searched a nearby pile of debris.


Inside, he found a mysterious fragment. Curious, he took the fragment back to Emit to show him.


Emit didn’t really have much info to give on it. But looking at the fragment, Kip could tell that it was one part of many. Maybe if he gathered all the parts, he could combine them to make something else?

Still, as interesting as crashed alien ships were, he’s seen his share in his day. Learning about the technology behind plumbots was much more tempting. So he grabbed some lunch and headed to the nearby workshop.

Next Episode: Kip Makes a Plumbot