Time Travel Tuesdays: Learning to Plumbot

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-



So Kip arrives at the Plumbot workshop, which is surprisingly upscale for being a nerd hangout. Or maybe Plumbot making isn’t so nerdy in the future. Either way, it’s a pretty nice place.


He chooses a workstation and takes a moment to look over the space before settling down to work.


Impressed with the development tools, he’s instantly sucked into learning the basics of bot design.


Tony Stark, eat your heart out.


Just a little tweak here… a little tweak there…


Once the design is done, he then has to put the design into play, creating the actual bot. He works late into the night…


And finally creates a tiny little practice nanite, which he puts into his inventory.


While all of this has been great fun, Kip has the longing to go home to the past and see how his family’s doing. Knowing how much he pines over Fang, I knew I couldn’t keep him apart from them too long.

Kip returned to the community center and went to the top of the building. I noticed he chose to use the stairs instead of the elevator this time…


Then activating the time warp, he stepped through to the past.


Next Episode: Kip has to Explain


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