Time Travel Tuesdays: Returning to the Past

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


Stepping through the time warp took Kip back to his normal time. His wife, Fang, observes his return from the kitchen window.


He knew he’d have some explaining to do…

Time for some distraction methods. Kimberly! I choose you!


Kimberly is super effective!

It’s hard to tell whether Fang is more surprised at Kimberly, or at the fact that Kip is carrying around a virtual beasty.

Either way, Kimberly’s innate charm works wonders on intercepting for Kip.


And allows him to explain his whole trip to the future with actual proof!


Things seemed to be smoothed over as Fang accepts Kip’s explanation. This means there will be more trips to the future coming soon!


I realized that the Tu family was still living in the same old base house they had since I created the family years ago. Time for an upgrade!

I downloaded this awesome Steampunk house and modified it a bit to accommodate a larger family. I then added a little workshop out back to be Kip’s nerd-cave place. Of course, since the arcade games are back there, everyone tends to invade it anyhow.


Next Episode: Kip Returns to the Future!