Time Travel Tuesdays: Opening the Space Ship

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-


After getting wifey approval, Kip decided to return to the future to puzzle a way inside the crashed space ship. He appears through the portal in his sleeping clothes once again.


While it was day when he left home, in the future, he discovers it’s night. A good time to catch some sleep before heading to the Wasteland later. There seems to be a shortage of beds in the community center, however and…

Emit. No.


After a bit of a nap, he decides to check on Kimberly, and discovers he can change her appearance. After cycling through some of the new looks, he settles on this one.


Now it’s off to the Wasteland to excavate more piles of junk.


His theory was right, however. During excavation, he eventually found three more mystery fragments that he could piece together. This created a key of sorts, which he took to the space ship door.

It slid in…


And turned…


And opened!


Inside, Kip found a rather small structure made up of several rooms. The main room displayed a rather unnerving image.


The other rooms contained pedestals with artifacts, which Kip helped himself to. No aliens in sight, after all. They wouldn’t be needing these things, right?


The green pyramid object turned out to be a Sims 4 dream unlocker. Opening it allows Kip to dream about Sims 4 in the futuristic beds now. Hmm…


Kip spent a bit more time talking with Kimberly and official gained level 4 of his advanced technology skill.


He still keeps falling off his hoverboard just about every time he tries to get off. 🙂

Next Episode: Kip vs. Technology – Technology Wins!


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