Time Travel Tuesdays: Meet Dialup

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters-



Kip spends a lot of his time working in the shop, working up his Plumbot building skills.


Seems he has a breakthrough! Kip can now build Plumbots! (Oh noes!)


Wasting no time, he gets to work…


And he develops his very first Plumbot, named Dialup. Isn’t she lovely?


Now that Kip has a newly developed Plumbot, it’s time to make some tweaks!


He installs the Competent Cleaner Trait Chip that makes Dialup an obsessive cleaner once they get back to the hub home.


Oh, well. At least that’s useful for keeping bathrooms clean.

After a long day of working on inventions, it’s time to get some sleep…

Wait. Emit! No! Not again!


Next Episode: Kip Gets Some New Threads


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