Time Travel Tuesdays: Kip is Too Hot to Handle

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters- 


Remember way back when I warned Kip to stop eating the spicy food that the foreign visitors left out on the cupboard?


Yeah. Kip doesn’t listen. Tonight he eats the spicy food again. This time it was so hot that it actually made flames come out of his mouth!

That would be fine, except, he blew the flame directly on his own feet… and caught himself on fire!


Instantly, everyone is in a panic as the flames begin to spread. The fire detector goes off and a few brave sims run to the rescue!


At this point, Kip was so engulfed that I was sure he was a goner. But the sims don’t give up, continuing to extinguish the flame.


Finally, Kip is safe, with only charred clothes remaining. The sim who saved him doesn’t seem that impressed with his survivability, though.


And what does Kip do right after he nearly dies to fire? Time for bed!


Sometimes poor Fang  just doesn’t know what to do with him!


Next Episode: Winter comes to the future


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