Time Travel Tuesdays: A Place of Their Own

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters- 


After spending so long in the community housing of the Future, Kip is getting a little stir crazy. There’s always tons of tourists, way too many plumbots, noises, messes, and very little privacy for smooching with Fang.


Finally, after convincing Fang that people back home don’t even realize that they are gone (time travel freezes time in the past), Kip takes her around to look at houses in the future.


They don’t have a ton of money, so they buy what they can afford. It’s enough for them… and they do a little house warming with a smooch. 🙂


Though it doesn’t have any futuristic thingamajigs, Fang really loves the lighting!


It’s a perfect place to indulge in some of her bookworm tendencies and relax after all the crazy time traveling.


Kip realizes that there’s no futuristic food synthesizer in this house… which means when he’s hungry, he has to cook food the old fashioned way!


All was well in the house for a time. Until the snowman showdown began…


Next Episode: The Great Snowman Showdown

6 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesdays: A Place of Their Own

    • Thank you! It’s just a little silly story, but that’s what Sims tends to make. I’ll be finishing it up in a few weeks, but I might try my hand at it again when Sims 4 releases!


  1. Im sad this is 20 of 20 🙂 Will there be more? Great stuff. I dont usually tell folks this but …Ive been playing The Sims since the series started. Although I never have stories for my sims. I should change that 🙂


    • There will be more – I post a new segment every Tuesday until the story ends. (I actually do have an ending for this!)

      I’ve also played Sims since the start, and usually don’t make up stories. But the future setting and these specific characters were too fun of a combination to pass up!

      There’s actually a large group of folks who post original stories or legacy stories for Sims online. Some use WordPress, many use Tumblr (they call themselves Simblrs). There’s a lot of creativity out there surrounding this game, and that’s a great thing!


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