Time Travel Tuesdays: Changing the Future one Laugh at a Time

-A playthrough of Sims 3: Into the Future with Wayrift characters- 



So Emit and Kip conspire to create a happyland utopia style future.


The first thing Emit needs Kip to do is to scan sims as they laugh and measure their cheerfulness. Not quite sure what the results will lead them to, but…

Wait. It starts raining and Emit’s hologram pulls out an umbrella? Uh-huh.


Kip sets out to take the data from his unknowing family members when they laugh. NaTu…




Then he brings the results back to Emit. It’s time to conduct another test… this time, Kip has to do it on himself!

Emit gives him three bottles of Mysterious Black Dew, and asks Kip to test this concoction of happiness on himself. So, Kip decides to do the dew…


And while it doesn’t have any adverse effects, it does turn him a shade of bright green.

Emit seems pleased with these results, but requests even more data. This time, he wants Kip to use the dew on other sims to see what will happen.

So… yet again with his unassuming poor family… first Fang…


Then NaTu…



Omakyn doesn’t escape the dew, either. At least he got purple.


And finally, Sammy… who doesn’t seem to pay any attention to it at all.


This gives Emit the data he’s looking for. Next, he asks Kip to take an aerosol version of the dew to the Military Base and have them spread it into the atmosphere. Now, I’m not quite sure how Kip managed to pull this off, but he did it anyway.


Once that was complete, Kip noticed that the future portal is now shining with a strange, rainbow light! It worked! Now, just wonder what the new future will look like!


Next Episode: Visiting Utopia 


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