3 shoes and 1 accessory recolour (non default)

Yeah, shitty presentation might be staying for a while.

I made these recolours a couple of days ago for the demo, but I remade them just in case with the updated tool for the full base game. (I updated my other stuff as well, but I think they didn’t need to be updated) Once again disappointed by EA’s black so I recoloured them on my own. There’s also a dark brown recolour since there wasn’t one, the brown colour was too bright. There’s also a black earplug, I really needed one.

They are non-default, which means that they won’t replace anything in your game. They got custom swatches or whatever you call those things. They also don’t have the specular issue non default clothing used to have in the past.

Anyway, hope you enjoy them. The .zip has the individual package files or a single one with all the stuff combined, your choice.


By the way, this works for teens, young adults, adults and elders. Same with my other downloads.


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