Short Sweater Dress Recolors


I made some things!

Ok, the sweater dress is my favourite piece of clothing in the game but as with everything else, the colours are really lacking. I decided to recolour the dress using all of Aelia’s Jewel tones and share them for anyone else who might like to use them.

I originally started making recolours of the short shorts because they’re also a favourite of mine but they’re proving to be a bit more annoying to recolour -.- I’ll get around to them a little bit later.

Also, creating again made me miss LJ so I set up a new one specifically for TS4. You can check it out here if you want to (plus I need some TS4 LJs to follow, haha).

Anyway, I’ve included the 2 images above in the folder and all the packages are named properly so you can easily pick and choose what you want.

Credits go to EAxis for the mesh and Aelia for the colour actions. I made these using Color Magic, S4PE and Photoshop CS5.