Tiny Tabby Walls


I must be insane. lol

Ok. I did three color groups (man, my colors are off and I do not take good pictures in game…) to go with a pattern from thetinytabby

First is their pattern as it is, on aqua with a solid and a striped companion wall.

Second, pattern altered a bit to be on a sort of steel blue color, also with a solid and a striped companion wall.

Third, pattern altered again to be purple-ish and again with a solid and striped companion wall.

Or download the pack that includes the entire set of walls here.

I also have sets of flooring to match. Aqua carpet, wood and tile. Blue carpet, wood and tile, Purple carpet, wood and tile and White carpet, wood and tile. For some reason I divided them up by flooring type instead of color… Carpet, Wood & Tile or all of the flooring in one pack.

And then there’s the mega pack that includes all the walls and all the floors. Grab that version here.

I hope you guys don’t hate it, took me… awhile.

And go check out thetinytabby, they do awesome stuff! ❤