Wedding Dress (3 Color Options)

Bonus: 2 Sophisticated Gloves Recolors & 2 Ballet Slipper Recolors  (White & Rose Bud)

Credit: The original mesh for this model is Rainicorn’s Side Slit Evening Dress.

This wedding dress style features a strapped sweetheart neckline with lace trimming, a cinched ruffled waist to accentuate curves, and a slit down the skirt, adding drama to this beautiful dress. It comes in three colors: White, Cream, and Rosebud.  Also included, are two matching slippers and sophisticated gloves.

The dresses are standalone and can be found in the dress section. The gloves and slippers are recolors and can be found as added swatches to the original EA assets. 

Download All Files Separate to Pick and Choose Here at MediaFire.

Download All as a Single Package File Here at MediaFire.

CC Pictured:

Eyeshadow by DarkoSims3.

Cream Model’s Vintage Jewelry by Severinka

All other CC is by me and available on my tumblr.

Side Note: If you use this in your Sims’ weddings, I’d LOVE to see. I track #SimplyMorgan77 on Tumblr.


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