Panel Walls



Awww yeah, finally these bad boys are done – some panels with nice texture, in 5 styles which each come in 12 colors! Each style has it’s own thumb, and they can all be found under both the paneling and siding section. In the archive there’s a set with all styles, but also individual packages so you can pick and choose.

I plan to make a set of these with vertical trim, since this new “auto-corner-panel” is worth shit, but with three wall heights and no CASt I’ve got to take a breather, so many DDS files… Well, you’ll get them when you get them 🙂

TOU: Don’t be a dick or I’ll find you, hunt you down and delete your system32. And give you paper cuts between your toes.

Download at Dropbox or Mediafire

Thanks of course to granthes and the fabulous WallEz!