I reached 500 followers today!

Thank you guys, you are AMAZING!!!

So it was about time I made something new, huh? I hadn’t had much time for simming lately, so this is a quickie, but I thought it’d be nice to make something symbolic. These are the male reversed baseball caps, which females didn’t get for some reason (wth, EA?!), which I loved since the first time I saw them. Thought it’d be fair for our girls to have them, too.

They are separated into three packs, the solid, leopard, and lines, each containing 9 variations, as you can see on the images. I did this ‘cause I really hate the leopard patterns, but the other two groups I like, and you can choose which one to delete, if any. Each file is standalone, they all contain the mesh. They appear in the “Caps” section, like for guys.


As you can see on the picture of Hottie McHottinson (last image), the mesh has some clipping issues with longer voluminous hair meshes and/or bangs, for males as well, not only for the girls – so it’s not my fault. You can see above all the female hair meshes (except bald) underneath the hats, you can check out the clipping; just in case (if the clipping issues are going to bother you), here are the humongous versions of those images: front view and side view. Far as I can see, the biggest issues are with the low pony and the no shave hair mesh. Doesn’t bother me much, and I don’t yet have the ability (nor the means, atm) to alter the hat mesh. Sorry if it’s a deal breaker for you.

tiny disclaimer #2

The slivers/line swatches when you hover over the cap are still the ones from the cloned item. I don’t know how to change those, sorry. I don’t think it’s much of a problem, though – once you click on the cap, the proper swatches (made by hand by yours truly) appear.


Problems, questions? Requests, suggestions? My ask is open and don’t worry, I won’t rhyme while talking to you. Tag me annadandelion, sqquaresims, or just sqquares if you want me to see your fashionable girls who wear these hats!

P.S. You’re welcome to clone and recolour these, with no need to credit me, since the mesh is by EA and I just converted it. Happy CCing!


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