Combat Boots


…Another TS4 upload, yes. 😀

I managed to fix the clipping issues with these and also to add some recolors, so putting them up here as well ^_^ these were originally supposed to be a full female to male conversion of EA’s TS4 combat boots, but since I had to do a few changes to make ‘em work with males, I edited them a bit in the process: as you can see, they’re shorter compared to the original ones… and I also slightly edited the mesh to make them look a little bigger 😀 they’re compatible with all morphs and base game pants options, and will work for teens to elders. They come in the same colors as the original boots. One note, though: I did a little mistake with swatches and the black boots will have a brown swatch instead (the first one). The other swatches are all fine. 😀
Let me know if you have any troubles and, as usual… happy simming! ^_^