Male Fishtail Braid


Here it is, as requested! ^____^ This is EA’s fishtail braid converted for males. As I said in my previous post, this is not perfect: here you can see more pictures/read the description to get an idea of the issues it has. Nothing too huge, but still thought about making that clear ^_^ the hair comes in a blend of EA and Pooklet’s textures and uses the same colors (still by Pooklet) as in my previous TS4 hair uploads 🙂 teen to elder, works nice with every hat, aside from the red bandana (which, I found out, clips even with default EA hair -____-). You can…


IMPORTANT NOTE: I received some reports from people having crashing issues with my hair. So far, the reports have only been about my braids hair conversion, which featured some mesh editing. According to this thread, crashes with cc hair and accessories mostly occur on Windows 8.1, though that’s not always the case. The reason for hair crashing is still unclear, and creators are still working to find out what the actual issue is. If you never had troubles installing CC hair before, you *shouldn’t* have any trouble installing this. For anyone else… this time I didn’t edit the mesh in any way, so it *should* give no problems, but still, especially if you’re on a Windows 8.1, please be aware that crashes may occur D: If you try the hair and it crashes your game, please send me a message and be as clear as possible about the issues you’re having. Infos on your OS, video card and other installed CCs could help too. Keep always in mind that CC making for TS4 is still in a very experimental phase, so errors may occur 😦 thank you for understanding ;___;