Bare Concrete Walls


Just a little something I put together yesterday 😀 now that Sims 4 Studio made it a lot easier to create walls, I just *had* to make these: Holy Simoly’s bare concrete walls are among my all time favourites in TS2 and TS3, and I need them in TS4 as well 😀 Luckily, boolpropping did a conversion… to which I added a few more recolors 😀 Beware, though, these will show up in a different category: the original conversion shows up in “Wallpapers”, while this shows up under “Paint”. The price is the same, though (2§).The walls come with custom thumbnails (same as the ones seen in the preview swatch :D). Credit to Holy Simoly for the original wall, boolpropping for the TS4 conversion, Pooklet & CuriousB for color actions 😀