Chain Reaction & Aphrodite Hair


Well, hello there again! 😀 Simblreen is still going on, but I have a few more things for you guys! ^__________^ Remember those 3t4 hair conversions I was working on? 😀 Yep, they’re here, and with a little bonus too! But first…

NOTE: I had reports that these will crash on Intel video cards. I have no idea why, since I used the updated tools to clone the meshes and everything, but I’m going to check and see what can be done as soon as possible. In the meantime, do NOT download these if you have an Intel video card.

WARNING: alpha hair meshes in TS4 are still being figured out and are nowhere near perfect. I’m releasing these as a “beta” version. An updated version will be released as soon as hair conversions/mesh editing are completely figured out. Please read *all* the infos below before you download these!
Warning #2: as usual, I have tested these and haven’t experienced any crashes nor issues, aside from the ones that I’m going to list below. If you have troubles, however, please let me know. Send me a message with infos on your OS, game version, the process you followed to install your CC (here is a guide on how to install CC for TS4), infos on other CCs you may have and basically ANY information you may think is useful. Also, do not disappear after the first message and be prepared to give additional feedback, especially if I send you additional testing files and/or request more infos. Your help is extremely important for me to be able to fix any issue!

So, now that we’re done with warnings… some infos on the hair! 😀

● Chain Reaction: as the title says, Newsea’s Chain Reaction hair converted for TS4. Comes for both males and females, teen to elder, in Pooklet textures & colors. All color swatches will show up in the correct order and have proper flags.
● Aphrodite: a hair mesh by Cazy (who kindly gave me permission to share this <3). For males and females, teen to elder, comes in Pooklet textures/colors as well.

Known issues:
● Helmet style: the hairs are attached to the head only, so they will clip into the sims’ back and shoulders when they look up and/or to the side. Luckily it’s not *that* terrible, since the meshes aren’t very long. Still noticeable, though.
● No morphs: again, since the hair is not extremely long, the lack of morphs is *not* that bad, but know that it will clip on bigger bodies anyway.
● No hat compatibility: both meshes will stay the same when you select hats, meaning that they will clip through all of them. I’m planning to fix this in the future, for now… hats won’t look very good :/
● Hair selection glitch: something that seems to happen with other converted alpha hair meshes :/ basically, if you use these, clicking on the sims’ hair in CAS later won’t automatically open the hair section as usual. You will have to go to the hair section by manually selecting the hair icon in the CAS menu. It won’t happen anymore if you switch back to an EA hair, only with alpha hair meshes.
● (Edit) No notebook mode compatibility: to make sure the transparencies show up correctly, you’ll have to turn notebook mode off, or the hair is going to look weird ;____; Here’s a pic by soloriya, so you can see what it looks like in notebook mode.