Rocker Hair


Well, well… I guess it’s time to upload it, at last 😀 here’s the ftm conversion you saw me working on in the past few hours ^_^ As I said in my previous posts, it is *not* perfect: since I just re-imported the female mesh without modifying it in Milkshape, it will clip with jackets/hoods/any clothing that is bigger than basic shirts .___. There’s clipping with some hats too: the fedora one, the baseball cap and a couple of others. Some hats have really minor clipping, while others have a more noticeable clipping. Most, however, work fine, without any clipping.
Now, to the good stuff: the hair works from teen to elders and has all default hair colors. Or, well, a slightly edited version of default colors: I used Pooklet colors instead of default ones, but still tried to keep them as close to the default as I could. You can see how they look in the swatch preview 😀 talking about swatches… they seem to show in a different order than default ones. I have no idea why, but they still work as they should, so don’t worry! ^_^ You can…


IMPORTANT NOTE: hair conversions/meshes/whatever are still a very experimental thing for TS4, so there may be errors, glitches and stuff. So far the hair worked totally fine in my game, I tried it on sims of different ages, played the game a bit to test how things worked and I didn’t encounter any problem. However, if you have troubles, please be kind, let me know and I will try my best to fix it!