Ok, let’s hope I did everything right here… I had this on my to-do list and then tinysimmer requested it so I decided to just get it done now. This is my first time doing any object recolours in TS4 so please let me know if anything isn’t right!

What do we have? Well, there’s 2 styles of recolours. A brighter, whiter base than the original mesh with accents in Huning’s pony colours. The other style is the opposite – Huning’s pony colours as the focal colour with white accents. 

There’s 4 different downloads you can pick from – both styles either merged or unmerged. Since we can’t add swatches to objects yet, we’re stuck with the original amount and since the baby basinet only comes with 4 there’s 6 package files in the unmerged downloads. I’ve included a notepad file with which colours are included in which set, if you want to pick and choose a little bit. I tested the merged files and they worked fine for me but again, please let me know if something isn’t working for you!


EAxis for the mesh
Huning for the pony colours
Geirrendour for the colour actions


Accent Version – Merged • Unmerged
Full Version – Merged


Accent Version – Merged •

Full Version – Merged