Cropped Jeans, for Male teen to elder.

come bearing gifts for the boys that like their colors! My first CC! /o/ These are simple stand alone recolors of the EA “skinny calf jeans”. They come in 3 variations: Pastel, Ombre, and Dark. Some of the dark swatches are made to match the EA chino pants. The pastels have a white belt, while the darks sport a black one. 

Download All: 

Download Pastel: 

Download Ombre: 

Download Dark: 

Model wears these shoes.

This one’s dedicated to fuckyeahunbichobolita for encouraging me to give cc a try <33. If you encounter any problems, please message me. And finally, if you use these, tag me. It would be mindblowing to see my stuff in your game o_o

TOU: Don’t reupload to pay sites. Don’t claim as your own. Etc.


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