Navajo Dream Tent
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Do you feel like you need an escape from the mundane , A moment of solitude, be it indoors or outdoors ?

Well hop into The Navajo dreams Tent ….. dont forget your book .

This mesh was built by scratch by me , Ive edited slots so sims will sit down on the cushion .


  • 1000 polys
  • all lods
  • shadow lods 
  • 6 colors (3 gingham , 1 plain , 2 retro tribal vibes)
  • cost is $600
  • Found under seating , search for Navajo dream tent

Known issues : lighting issues may occur on lower spec machines, minimal clipping , kids animations sometimes look weird ….

link here :

TOU : 

Please do not claim this as your own. And don’t re-upload elsewhere. please aske before recolouring.


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