❤Prisma’s Wedding Dress + Gloves❤

My first painted retexture! Inspired by girly magical girls, dolls and ponies, Princess Prisma’s wedding dress has glitter, lace, satin, bows and gem embellishments. There are 8 individual package recolors for you to choose from (If you download more than one, they will appear under the same entry). The gloves come in 7 merged colors to match. I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do!

Note: The dress does not have the mannequin’s specular shine shown in the photo. 


☾ • ☾ • ☾ •

☾ • ☾ • ☾ •

☾ • ☾ • ☾ •

☾ • ☾ • ☾ • ☾

Shown with:

Tiara | Flowers | Circlet 

| Poses


Mesh conversion: Kiara Zurk

Mesh edit: Nenpysims

Thank you for giving me permission *-* ❤

Known issues:

The bottom of the dress is invisible. D: Some mesh seams show up under certain light.


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