Every time I pass another follower step stone I feel bad because I don’t know much anything about making custom content to make good gifts but since I’ve started tinkering with the Sims 4 Studio I decided to give it a try. This is nothing fancier than some recolors but It’s a start anyway. I would’ve loved to make something for sims 2 but I know even less about its cc making) The reason I came up with these is that I missed more options for medieval stuff in the game and just I love these kinds of colored windows. 

These are non-default so they won’t override anything. The two base game windows which these are based on (I don’t know their English names since I play my game in Finnish) will be their separate objects and this download adds two more windows to your build catalogue. 

So in total this download consists of 2 objects and 8 same recolors for them both. Both of those windows have 4 recolor options for the frames and 2 options for the window glass screens. They are all compatible together so you can have any colored frames with any colored screen.  These cost 145 simoleons in the game.



TOU: Please don’t re-upload to any website or claim as your own. You may use them in your uploaded lots, credit would be appreciated. 🙂

The 2nd part of this gift will contain both of the 2 windows with their original 4 maxis match frame colors+ my 2 glass screens (yellow&green) & my four frame recolors + the see through maxis window screens. That way you get to whole deal!


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