Here’s the 2nd part of the followers gift. This comes in two parts, both of the 2 type base game windows with: 1) their original 4 maxis frame colors + my 2 glass screens (yellow&green) AND 2) my four frame recolors + the see through maxis window screens. 

NOTE: If you want to have both, my recolored frames + recolored glass screens in one window check out the 1st part of my followers gift here. That way, with the 1st part of the gift, you have all the options, both maxis match and my recolors.  (You can compare these three options in the last photo of this post)

These are non-default so they won’t override anything. The two base game windows which these are based on (I don’t know their English names since I play my game in Finnish) will be their separate objects. If you download both of these versions each of them will add 2 windows into your windows catalogue.

So in total these two downloads consist of 4 objects, 24 recolors. The “Maxis frames+my screens” download has 2 objects and 8 recolors each. You can have each of the 4 base game recolored frames with both kinds of screens, so they’re all compatible. The “my frames+maxis see through window screens” has 2 objects, 4 recolors for the frames and all have the see through screens


—–>Mediafire  /  Dropbox<—–


—–>Mediafire  /  Dropbox<—–

TOU: Please don’t re-upload to any website or claim as your own. You may use in your uploaded lots, credit would be appreciated. 


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