turtleneck sweaters

Anyway, my laziness was expecting someone else to do this but since nobody did it I kinda took the initiative.

The story goes like this: There were these really cool turtleneck sweaters that came in a holiday free pack like on December or something. These really cool sweaters had stuff like the freezer bunny and shit like that on them so I never got to use them. It was a shame because if they were just plain they’d look awesome. Now they do, I tried my best doing some kind of Frankenstein thing with the texture but I think they look pretty cool. I guess I should be thanking EA for the cool mesh.

Looks like they are base game compatible since they don’t appear with the holiday pack icon like the original mesh, so I guess you shouldn’t worry about that. They are maxis match as hell since the frankentexture is from the game. Disabled for random.

Hope you enjoy them.


sweaters in a desert themed town, 2deep4u


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