900 Follower Gift Bonanza

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m kind of bothered by the lack of pajamas for our children. I mean seriously, a few tops, a few pairs of underwear and no patterned goodness? Well I’ve had enough. And to show that i’ve had enough I made a whole mess of jammies for our little ones. 

What do you get?:

47 Shirts and 45 Pants of various patterns [i must have missed a few pants >w<]

I wanted to make a set of pajama tops and bottoms that would fit together, so I cloned the base game pajama pants and the button down dress shirt and got to work. The result is this: 


8 Singlets with a single image

Along with the patterned shirt and pants I wanted a few standalone singlet tops for some of the patterns [I would have liked to have done all of them but it proved difficult] so i found some images and put together these singlets:



So, Part one of the 900 follower gift is everything you see in this post. You can download them all as separate files or in a zip [i tried to merge them all my game didn’t like it.]


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