B2B: Emilia’s wardrobe + Ellie’s Bonus Dress.

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  • Custom thumbnails.
  • Lace Jacket: Unisex. (Bear in mind that i was thinking in girl’s clothes).


  • Custom thumbnails.
  • Two versions of the same dress. One is on Dresses, and the other is in skirt (You have to pair it with a nude top, included in downloads if you don’t have one already). Here’s the difference between versions

Choose your Download: Dropbox (Adfly – Wait 5 seconds and click skip, don’t touch anything else!, thanks!)

Merged Collection available (Includes nude).

Follow my TOU please. (updated 06/06/2015)

Other Sims 4 downloads: #S4CC.

If you have any comments or issues write me!

Tag me if you want to share the love #inabadromancecc or @inabadromance , i would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!


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