Sygnus Sims: Poor Aunt Sara

This is a series of Sims 4 play throughs that recreate characters and families from the various Sygnus stories.


Aunt SaRa finally finished the book she was writing. When she was done, she gave it to Tai.



Tai: What’s this?

SaRa: It’s something for your brother.

Tai: *inspects the book curiously* Oh?

SaRa: I have a hunch that… well… let’s just say, you’ll know when you’ll need it. Until then, keep it to yourself.

Tai: *puzzled* Yes, Aunt SaRa.

Zazo receives some cooking tips from Aunt SaRa. She probably really needs them.


One afternoon, Aunt SaRa peacefully passed away from old age.


Poor Zento.


He’s always there to witness the passing of those he loves. 😦


And now it’s time for after work pick-up lines, starring the Grim Reaper.


Grim: Hey, cutie. You come here often?


Zazo: *incredulous look* Seriously?

RIP Aunt SaRa.


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