Sygnus Sims: Meet the Rai Family

This is a series of Sims 4 play throughs that recreate characters and families from the various Sygnus stories.


While Zento and his family are in a time of mourning, I decided to break away from them and build the last of the main 3 foundational families: the Rais.

Here you can see the father, JinRai on the right and his son, KoGu, on the left. They have a somewhat awkward relationship at times, as you can see.


KoGu decides to take a walk around the neighborhood… and just happened to notice the house of one of his cute, single, neighbors – Azure. Not a shy one, he decides to introduce himself.


Azure lets him inside, and KoGu makes himself at home at the supper table. He’s a real flirt, but Azure doesn’t seem to mind…


Somehow KoGu ended up with a nice grill cheese sandwich during this conversation. Azure remains interested, and KoGu just looks smug about the whole thing.


Meanwhile, Jin is out jogging when he meets with his neighbor, Maru. They get along well, and spend some time talking.


Jin is, however, rather old fashioned and woefully confused by all this strange technology…


Giving up on the whole computer thing, Jin goes out for another jog. He’s getting quite buff since he’s a total athletic nut!

On his jog, he sees poor Zento, who is still crushed and mourning the loss of Aunt SaRa.


Feeling bad for him, Jin comes over and introduces himself, offering a cheerful demeanor.


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