Sygnus Sims: Friendships and Fires

This is a series of Sims 4 play throughs that recreate characters and families from the various Sygnus stories.



Jin’s a pretty nice guy when it comes down to it, so he tries to comfort poor Zento.


This seems to help cheer him up some, and is the start of a good friendship.


Meanwhile, KoGu cleans up the house…


Because he has invited Azure over for an unofficial date!




KoGu is having a good night, indeed.


Note: This budding relationship and Jin’s friendship with Zento were the two things I wanted to establish at this point in the neighborhood. So, I’ll be heading back to other families…

But first!

This randomly happened in between switching family lots to play. Who doesn’t like to see Zerom get burned?


Funny how none of his siblings came to help.


In fact, it looks like Zemi took the time to change clothes between the first two pictures.


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3 thoughts on “Sygnus Sims: Friendships and Fires

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