I couldn’t find “my” kitchen. So I made it. And since you are all such lovely people, I’m sharing it – the Tropical Kitchen by Believe & Become – recolours of 3 base game items: 3 recolours of my very abused Vault counter & matching island plus six matching recolours of the Immaculate Shelf, using wicker, woven rope and tropical woods – teak (dark brown) and iroko (medium brown) and aged turquoise patina. All the different counter options are available and properly textured and most are seamless (for example lining up the shelves looks really good, especially if nested between beams). Looks good for seaside / beach houses too.

Hope you like it – and THANK YOU for following – 250+ followers yippee!! You can get it HERE. Special thanks to Buffsumms and Hvikis who inspired me with their creations (Narissa kitchen and Industrial Wallpaper Collection 2).

Custom Content used in all previews: Fridge by Buffsumms (x), coffeemaker by Miosims/Pyzsny16 (x), floors by K-hippie (x), walls by Hvikis (x), beams by cool-Panther/Severinka (x).

Turquoise kitchen: Bar stool & stove hood – Buffsumms (x), Animal paintings  – Inabadromance (x), Floating fish painting – Lindseyxsims/LXS Newport (x), detergent – MioSims (x), hanging ship decoration – iyaS (x), rug – Peacemaker IC (x), lamp – Simcredible Design (x).

Iroko kitchen: Ship painting – Simcredible Design (x), teapot & cup – ung999 (x), candles – Mutske (x).

Teak kitchen: African paintings – Annett85 (x), sink – Wondymoon (x), window and curtain – Nynaeve (x), rug – Angela (x), mask – Natatanec (x), hot chocolate – Lolinekosims4 (x).

Clutter: So much here! A lot from MioSims (x) (x), as well as Buffsumm (x), Lindseyxsims (x), Simcredible, Around the Sims (x), TheNumbersWoman (x), Puresims (x), Kardofe (x) and Pilar (x).

TOU: Do anything you like with them but please give credit and link back here and ask me if there are any questions. Tagging optional but greatly appreciated. 


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