Sygnus Sims: Of Pre-Teens and Weight Gain

This is a series of Sims 4 play throughs that recreate characters and families from the various Sygnus stories.


Young Fu plays chess politely with his mother…


But cheats when he plays with his father! Bad Fu!


Even at a young age, Fu has a rather nasty temper. Something bad must have happened at school that day.


Once SoYa gets Fu settled down and doing his homework, SoYa… Actually, I don’t know what SoYa is doing here.


Looks like he’s gained some weight, though.


Don’t give that look, SoYa. It’s nothing you can’t work at.

Oh, great. Now he’s insecure and not talking to me.


Instead, he goes to get advice from his much more physically fit younger brother.


Tai being Tai probably told him like he saw it. SoYa doesn’t look too happy about it, though.


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