Simlish Framed Anderson National Park Prints from simsza

Yay Simlish! So I must be crazy because I really only like any words in the game to be Simlish. I was inspired by budgie2budgie to make some art for the game. As for why I ended up choosing these is because I love to screen print and love anything screen print-y and these were really awesome. And they were suuuper easy to mask over the English and replace it because of the flat colors. I had so much fun picking Simlish typefaces that looked the most like the original.


  • Recolor of this fantastic mesh by Black-le!
  • Amazing original National Park Prints by Anderson Design Group.
  • Simlish fonts by Gazifu, Asha, & Alleliua
  • Sims4Studio, TSRWorkshop, Photoshop, Blender


  • simsza – Simlish Anderson Park Prints: Found in Decorations, Painting and Posters // 80 Simoleons
  • 14 prints
  • 4 frame colors each
  • 56 Swatches + Custom Thumbnails


Sims FileShare | Mediafire

**TOU: Go crazy! Do whatever. Recolor it, clone it, change it,
upgrade it. Just please don’t upload with lots or claim it as your own.
If you use it, tag me because I would love to see what you have done to
it or with it.

simsza / 9-25-15


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