I got a request a couple weeks ago from @simsza​ to recolor something from the Danish Dining set that he converted. Aside from being some of my favorite seating, the chairs were a pretty obvious choice.

OK, so here they are in the Geo Cool and Colorfloral swatches. The Geo Cool swatches come in white and a lighter colored wood and the Colorfloral come in a med wood, white, black and their coordinating solid that has been used in all the other Colorfloral pieces so far. There are arm-less and armed versions of both!

Thank you, @simsza for asking and I hope you like them!

Simsza’s mesh is needed! Get it here!

Danish Dining Chairs in Geo Cool + Colorfloral

  • custom thumbnails and swatches
  • design tool enabled
  • lots o’ options!
  • mesh needed!

DOWNLOAD: colorfloral | geo cool | merged

TOU: Please do not re-upload or claim as your own. And, if you wanna, tag #sjane4prezcc so I can see what you make!


Credits: conversion by Simsza, original mesh by Awesims


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