Awesims Danish Dining Conversion Set from simsza

Wow! I knew that this was going to be a large undertaking and it did not disappoint. Before I have only released 3 conversions and this turned out to be a set of 12!.. count’em 12 objects! But it’s finally done! YAY. This set was always the best in Sims 3. With me being so addicted to Mid Century Modern and anything Awesims I had to convert it to have it in Sims 4! I am so pleased of how it turned out! I hope that everyone loves it as much as I do. And finally a HUGE thank you to everyone who has followed me and made me feel special and welcomed on Tumblr!


  • Hans Wegner Drop Leaf 3-tile Dining Table: Found in Surfaces, Dining Tables // 1,050 Simoleons
  • Hans Wegner Drop Leaf 2-tile Dining Table: Found in Surfaces, Dining Tables // 250 Simoleons
  • Hans Wegner Dining Chairs (Armed Chair, and Armless Versions): Found in Seating, Dining Chairs // 900 Simoleons
  • Sabre Leg Hans Wegner Highboard: Found in Surfaces, Accent Tables // 450 Simoleons
  • Bent Wood Pendants (in 3 heights): Found in Lighting, Ceiling Lamps // 450, 455, 460 Simoleons
  • Mid Century Deco Trio: Found in Decorations, Sculptures // 18 simoleons
  • Mid Century Candle Stick: Found in Decorations, Misc. // 40 Simpleons
  • Singular Candle Extracted by me: Found in Lighting, Misc. // 2 Simoleons
  • Chelsea Globe: Found in Decorative, Sculptures // 325 Simoleons
  • Custom Thumbnails + Custom Swatch Thumbnails


Custom swatch thumbnails are set up so that the pattern in on the left
side that corresponds with the other items in the set that match them.
The textures are on the right side to differentiate each swatch.

These items were made by Awesims with very large polygon counts. I tried to get them as small as possible without distorting the meshes. If your game can’t handle large poly items, I truly apologize.


  • Awesims/Sarah for these absolutely wonderful meshes and opening up her TOU for me to make these.
  • omorfi-mera for all of her help with my candle-making and for letting me borrow her tuning that she made for her candles!
  • A random An-na’s Color pallette I found here. (original link missing)
  • Fabrics and Wallpapers from Sanderson & Scion.
  • All other textures found on Google or from Sims 3.
  • Sims4Studion, TSRWorkshop, Photoshop


Download Full Set Merged .package

Sims FileShare // Mediafire

Download Separated Items .zip

Sims FileShare // Mediafire

**TOU: Go crazy! Do whatever. Recolor it, clone it, change it,
upgrade it. Just please don’t upload with lots or claim it as your own.
If you use it, tag me because I would love to see what you have done to
it or with it.

simsza / 9-8-15

Rant after the cut in case you care about what I went through for this. LOL

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