Hello guys!

I know I’ve disappeared for a long period. I don’t want to come up with an excuse, so it was because I didn’t want to play. And, actually, I’m still not eager back to TS4. But I remember about my simblr and it doesn’t mean that I don’t play anymore. I hope, the new GP will change that but it’s an another story.

I’ve reached 300 followers and it’s really great. I’m glad that so many people like my works and my stuff. And here is a little gift for you! In my country is the summer already and I wanted to have more swimsuits in my game (I think ts4 has not so many as I want :D) Thank you, people, a thousand times, and happy summer irl and in your game!

As always, you need MESH for my work, and you can grab it HERE.

preview for all 15 variants:





Mesh by @swagiesims


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