PJs for Women



I decided to stop at 21 sets for this pack, even though I have tons more patterns I want to use, simply because I have quite a few people sending me messages and asking where they can download the Harry Potter and Vegemite sets lol

There will most likely be more sets to follow this one, but possible not straight away as I have other things I want to do too. So for now, here are the ones I’ve finished so far…

  1. Geisha Girls
  2. Foxy
  3. Yum Yum
  4. Halloween
  5. Singing in the Rain
  6. You Had Me At Bacon
  7. Thunder and Lightning
  8. Puppies on Parade
  9. Kitty Kitty
  10. Sweet Dreamzzz
  11. Muffins & Tea
  12. Happy Little Vegemite
  13. Doctor Who
  14. A Cunning Hat (Firefly/Serenity)
  15. Supernatural
  16. Pokeballs
  17. I Am Sherlocked
  18. Hufflepuff
  19. Ravenclaw
  20. Slytherin
  21. Gryffindor

If you have any PJ sets that you would like to see in future packs, send me a message I’ll see what I can do =)

Enjoy =)


Don’t forget to tag me if you use my stuff so I can check it out =)

Just a few notes about this set …

– The tee is a recolour of the ‘Tied Tee’ from the Outdoor Retreat pack and I am not entirely sure if these recolours will work for those that don’t have the pack, that is why the files for each item of clothing are separate within the zip.
These are by no means perfect. I am aware (and frustrated) that some of the patterns a quite pixelated but until someone figures out how to make the texture resolutions better, they are as good as I can personally manage.
Some of the designs on the tees and tanks will look odd if you make your Sims breasts too large, or move them too far up or down.
Because the tee and shorts are categorized as everyday and sportswwear (and I don’t know how to change that) they will not show up in the sleepwear section properly when creating you sims PJs. To make them show up, just reset your filters by ticking the little cross next to the ‘sleep’ tag (see pic below) up the top to make all the shorts show up.



Christmas PJs


Merry Christmas!

Here are some Christmas-themed pj’s for your favorite couples. There are two files included – the set of ladies tops (EDIT: they’re actually found in the full body outfits, not tops), and the set of men’s bottoms. These are stand-alone recolors.


Cozy PJs


Hope everyone had a good weekend. Sorry for the lack of updates; I have been a little under the weather. 😦

Anyhow, I have two updates for you today, 6 Cozy PJ’s and 3 denim mini skirts.

Both CC’s files are non-default, stand alone and have custom swatches.

Hope you like them.

||Cozy PJ’s||

||Denim Mini Skirts||

tou: please do not re-upload, or claim as yours… thank you.

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Edited: I accidently linked both cc’s with the same.. url.. thnx to nevaehsims for letting me know..

Links have been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.