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Fantasy House

inspired by this 

This is my first time sharing a build on tumblr, hope you guys will like this! I tried to use minimal CC but I did use a lot of items from Outdoor Retreat and also some from Get to Work and Spa Day.


Lot Size: 20×15

Value: $36,089

You can find this on the gallery by searching #jsboutique, don’t forget to check “include custom content” and when placing the lot, make sure moveobjects cheat is enabled.

CC List:

candle holder / round candle(set Leon) / glass candle / bed frame / blanket / mattress / dolls / owl / books / painting clutter / kitchen plants / pencils / firewood / bistro table plant / string of electric fireflies / tea tin planters / stackable crate / desk (set Paula V2)



Painted Ladies by MaxisCreator_01 

I’ve been looking for a lot where I can send Sims that I want to “retire” from the main story, but where they can still be involved and visit the other Sims from time to time. This is gonna be super expensive, but will make an amazing place once I get it decorated!