Time Travel Tuesdays


  1. Kip Finds the Future Portal
  2. And They Gave Him a Jetpack…
  3. To Play Music and Socialize with Simbots
  4. Drinks and Descendants
  5. Legacies and Lunarbeds
  6. Digital Beasties
  7. The Crashed Alien Ship
  8. Learning to Plumbot
  9. Returning to the Past
  10. Opening the Space Ship
  11. Kip vs. Technology
  12. Meet Dialup
  13. Fitting In
  14. Yet Another Plumbot
  15. Take the Future to the Past
  16. Fang Comes to the Future
  17. Kip is Too Hot to Handle
  18. Winter Comes
  19. Learning to Fly
  20. A Place of Their Own
  21. Snowman Situation
  22. Building Better Plumbots
  23. Changing the Future one Laugh at a Time
  24. Over the Rainbow